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Rock Vox Academy Reviews

"Hayley has been working with my daughter for a couple of years now and her voice has totally transformed having worked from grade one to grade four vocals.  Darcey loves her online lessons and gets so much out of her time with Hayley.  The new Rock Vox Studio looks like its going to be a fantastic space! We'd thoroughly recommend Hayley if you're looking for a vocal coach, its not money spent, its definately an investment that keeps giving". (Laura L)

"Hayley is very professional and enthusiastic; her love of music shines through in every lesson.  She brings out the best in her students making them feel comfortable and encouraging their growing skills through her knowledge and experience.  Hayley is keen to encourage her students to experiment with their own style as well as preparing them well, for any exams they wish to take.  Hayley enjoys getting her students together holding group sessions based on a particular theme. This allows students to see how different voices work together and embrace singing in a group.  Hayley has entered students into local music festivals, encouraging them to have a variety of performance experiences, building confidence.  Overall Hayley enjoys teaching others and this is evident in her knowledge, skill, expertise, calm manner and encouragement". (Chantal W)

"I can't recommend Hayley enough! My daughter Holly joined her after having a bad experience with another singing teacher. She was lacking in confidence and was thinking of giving up on singing.  I convinced her to give Hayley a try and the result has been amazing.  She is now more confident and enjoys singing again and is growing in her ability as well! Hayley is great fun whilst totally professional!"

(Steph M)

"I have had singing lessons with Hayley for a few years now both face to face and online.  Both types have been fantastic and while having lessons I have completed grades 4, 5 and 6 and have scored highly on the exams thanks to Hayley. It's been a pleasure over the past few years and I wouldn't have been able to achieve my grades without Hayley's knowledge and skill.  Couldn't recommend highly enough!!!

(Jacob W)

"My daughter Lani loved having singing lessons with Hayley, she really helped her understand the way to control her voice, would highly recommend Hayley to anyone I know that wants music lessons". (Tracey F)

"Mair started after christmas and has come on really well.  She has a big ambition and had started to sing in a weird way, imitating her rock heroes, she is working on breathing and controlling her voice and had started to sing in tune again.  AND, she loves it, it has given her a lot of confidence, independence and direction." (Steve M)

"I had lessons with Hayley in the early stages of my career when I was completely clueless about how to look after my voice.  This helped me peruse a successful career in an industry I'm passionate about." (Leigh H)

"My daughter Kara won a free singing lesson, she absolutely loved it and I can honestly say those 30 minutes with Hayley's guidance has boosted Kara's confidence through the roof - the only problem now is she won't stop singing! Thankyou Hayley I cannot recommend Rock Vox Academy enough!" (Laura H)

"Great first lesson for my daughter.  Very professional service with lots of fun in a relaxed environment.  A unique experience you must try. Highly recommend Hayley." (Kate B)


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