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The importance of Opportunity

I'm a believer as a singing teacher in giving everyone the opportunity that I teach to learn and develop and hone their skills as a singer and as a performer by getting that opportunity to take those skills they have learnt in a classroom environment and put them in to practice on a stage.

One of the best ways to "grow" as a singer and as a performer is to do that. I will go as far to say whatever level of singer you are you should just go and perform. The feeling it gives you all the feel good endorphins flowing through your body.

Some don't believe in this philosophy they believe in they can't perform until everything is absolutely "perfect". What is "perfect"?

To me each time you go and you perform whether it be your first time or your hundredth time there is always ways to learn and to take something from that performance. It doesn't have to be a perfect performance, it is to look at it in a constructive way and say ok "that went well, how can I make it better for next time?".

I had a singer who came to one of the jam nights we sometimes go to who came but was unsure about performing. Another of my singers agreed to sing a song with her but I convinced her that she needed to sing the first verse solo. The singer sang her first verse solo and from that moment on now she regularly attends jam nights and performs several whole songs. It is something that before that moment she'd not thought she could've done.

The most scariest moment is the moment when you've never performed before and it is your first time, it is the unknown...the butterflies, hoping you'll remember all your lyrics. Once you've got past that though...then magic happens you find love joy and a release. Music and is a release!

So whether you are a student with me or if you have just come across this blog by accident, all I say to you is today go don't have to be pitch just got to enjoy will naturally make you feel good.

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